About Kitesurf

The sport as we know it today was created by two French brothers Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux in 1985. When it was created , windsurfing was at its height and the kite faced some difficulties to enter the market , as no company wanted to venture into the new invention , only in 1995 , almost 20 years ago is that the kite began to be produced and marketed .

A great name for kitesurfing is Robby Naish, Naish is windsurfing champion but fell in love with kite and was a great promoter of the sport, currently, it also makes kites . It was the first world champion Kite in a tournament held in 1998 in Hawaii.

Kiteboarding is a sport that combines surfing, windsurfing , wakeboarding , skiing and free flight . It is a combination of what is best in each of their sports. Sailing with weaker winds windsurfing, jump higher than the wakeboard and jump in lakes and rivers (which have no waves)

Kitesurfing is a safe sport that can be practiced by anyone over x ( ? ​​) years old. A sport for parents and children. Kitesurfing is practiced with a board and a kite that is attached to the consultant through 4 strings. With a streamlined design the kite allows the wind to pass through it perpendicularly .

The bar is what gives direction to sail , where the driver choose the direction you want to go as well as its speed , with the ability to increase or decrease .

Although it is a safe sport, should not be practiced without the aid of a qualified professional to help you with it at first control of equipment .



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