Basic - 1º Step

This course takes x hours and you will have the first contact with the equipment. The instructor will present the equipment to be safely on how to use each of them. Onset is still gives the sand, where the instructor will teach how to control the kite and what each one of the instruments used in the sport. In addition, you will learn to take control of the kite, landing and take off safely , and how to generate force with kite in the water.

The classes have an average duration, where the instructor will be able to meet all the initial demands of the student. They offered a package with the number of days x hours for the student to become familiar with all the basics of the sport. You can also make a custom package.




Quantidade de Horas/Dias Valor
  •  Price per person including all safety equipment

  • We recommend a minimum of 9 hours per level for the student to make the most of your instructor.

3 hours - 1 day


6 hours - 2 days


9 hours - 3 days


          12 hours - 4 days






At this stage, the student learns to exercise the practice of Body Drag

A necessary exercise to seek the board. The student will learn... more

At this stage, the student practice what he has been learned in the previous steps The student will learn the techniques downwind and upwind (... more